Caletha, Proud Hyundai Employee

Proud Hyundai Employee

“On November 15, 2004, I became part of the best manufacturing automotive plant in the world. I’m proud to say that I’m a part of one of the most successful automotive plants in the world. Hyundai has become like family to me. Hyundai has provided me with a means to provide for my 13 year […]

Tina, Proud Hyundai Employee

“I have been given a rare opportunity to be a part of something big and I am so grateful. There’s an old saying that “opportunity only knocks once.” I believe opportunity knocks each and every day in our life in many different forms. Because of a layoff at a previous job, I was forced to […]

Sharon, Proud Hyundai Owner and Employee

Proud Hyundai Owner and Employee

“I have been a Hyundai employee since 2005 and I became the proud owner of a Hyundai Sonata in 2007. I love my job and the people I work with. Not only are they passionate about building great dependable automobiles, but they are just as passionate about their employees and their families. I could not […]

Kevin, Proud Hyundai Employee

Proud Hyundai Employee

“I am thankful for the opportunity to work for such a great and successful company. HMMA has given me opportunities that have increased the quality of life for me and my family. HMMA brought thousands of jobs right here to America that have provided stability and security for many. It is hard to find a […]

Angelia, Proud Hyundai Employee

“Working at HMMA has been a wonderful experience. It has helped me to enhance working relations and job quality. I’ve had the opportunity to grow as a person with many life-long experiences.”

Joyce, Proud Hyundai Employee

I was blessed to start working for HMMA on June 20, 2005.  I’ve seen Hyundai through HMMA, and I was honored to see it during my travel to Korea. I love my job.  I have perfect attendance for the time I have been here. I am the owner of a 2006 Tiburon and a 2012 […]

Javier, Proud Hyundai Employee and Owner

I graduated in 1885 from a technical college.  A few years later, I moved to the US, but I never worked in that area and I felt a little frustrated about that, until I started working for Hyundai.  Now I am proud of what I am doing and work for a big company with a […]

Marsimekkoe, Proud Hyundai Owner and Employee

“Started working here at HMMA 7yrs. ago in the engine shop. I kind of hesitate about buying a Hyundai vehicle at first but the loyalty and dedication that I see each team member put into each vehicle everyday changed my mind drastically. I can say I am proud owner of a 2011 Sonata and proud […]

Troy, Proud Hyundai Employee

“I really feel blessed to be a Hyundai employee. I have worked for 5 years now. We have a great benefits package and this job provides a good living for my family. I hope to be employed here many more years.”

Raynard, Proud Hyundai Employee

“I have been a Proud Hyundai Employee since July of 2005, and six years later I am still a Proud Hyundai Employee. This job has truly been a blessing to me and my family. I would also like to say, thank you so very much to H.M.M.A. for seeing something in me during the screening […]