Caletha, Proud Hyundai Employee

Proud Hyundai Employee

“On November 15, 2004, I became part of the best manufacturing automotive plant in the world. I’m proud to say that I’m a part of one of the most successful automotive plants in the world. Hyundai has become like family to me. Hyundai has provided me with a means to provide for my 13 year old daughter. Being a single parent, this opportunity at Hyundai has not only provided me with a great salary and benefits, but they have provided me with a job I love and respect. I have formed close relationships with all of my co-workers and we are like family. There aren’t a lot of companies that can blend such a culturally diverse group of people together, and make it work. Hyundai has meant so much for the state of Alabama, and I’m just proud to be on board!”