Stanley, Proud Hyundai Employee

“Being an HMMA team member has given me the opportunity to give back to the community. I am now able to help the less fortunate, whereas before I always wanted to help, but did not have the means.

It makes me proud to be with such a great organization as HMMA. Hyundai is starting to be a real player in the automotive industry. We are a main reason for that. It is great to look back at our short history here and to reflect on the many awards that we have achieved. Drive down the road today and look at how many Hyundai’s you see. I always look at the vehicle and think that I had a hand in building that vehicle.

My family has purchased Hyundai’s since I have been employed here. They are all very happy with their purchase and will purchase another one.

We are all lucky to have been chosen to work here. I am thankful for the opportunity. I look forward to many more years here.”