Hyundai is a great place to work.

Great Place to Work

Hyundai fosters a workplace where team work, diversity and creative ideas are celebrated.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama

Wages and Benefits

As a result of our collective success, Hyundai’s U.S. manufacturing operations have never laid off a single production or maintenance team member, and provide highly competitive wages and benefits.

With overtime and incentives, our production team members earned an average annual salary and benefits of $73,299 in 2012 – more than double the median household income for Alabama according to Census data. We pay our team members 1.5 times their regular rate of pay for Saturdays and 2 times their regular rate of pay for Sundays and holidays. With overtime and incentives, our maintenance team members earned an average annual salary of $96,037 in 2012 – about triple the median household income for Alabama according to Census data. Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama provides our team members with health insurance – and pays 93 percent of their premiums – in addition to dental, vision and life insurance, paid break periods, generous vacation and holidays, attendance incentive payments, and a career opportunity program, among other benefits.

Work Environment

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama fosters a work environment that encourages mutual respect, maintains fellow team member dignity, promotes cooperative relationships among team members, and ensures team members are free from all forms of illegal discrimination, retaliation, harassment and workplace violence.

With regard to the physical environment, our plant is temperature-controlled year-round, properly ventilated, well lit and clean.

Training and Education

We provide extensive training for our team members, including new hire orientation, which includes a focus on the plant’s diversity initiatives, vehicle services, quality control and quality assurance, environmental management and emergency response, as well as general, leadership, core values and intensive safety training.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama will soon introduce a mentoring program, with the goal of identifying highly talented team members, cultivating their leadership potential and upward mobility within our operations.

Environmental Health and Safety

Our health and safety record is exceptional – below the national industry average for incident rates.

We employ advanced manufacturing technologies and ergonomic aids, such as automatically adjusting the height of vehicles during the assembly process, to reduce the amount of physical strain on our production team members. Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama operates a robust safety program, including training, special authorization permits, area-specific safety rules, video monitoring, safety wear and personal protective equipment. We also maintain active safety committees, which provide team members with the opportunity to participate in safety improvements to their work areas. Our safety policies and practices have made us among the safest automotive manufacturing facilities in the U.S.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama’s environmental management systems are certified under ISO 14001 standards. In 2012, we recycled more than 39,840 tons of material including vehicle bodies, line-side plastics, batteries, glass, and electronics. Also in 2012, HMMA received the “Energy Star” certification from the EPA, and its safety program was certified under the OHSAS 18001 global standard. The Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001 is an international occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system specification. It exists to help organizations put in place or maintain sound OH&S performance by controlling risks proactively rather than reactively.


“Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama Team Member Diversity

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama Team Member Diversity

Diversity is a priority at Hyundai. The diversity of our manufacturing team members reflects the diversity of the Alabama communities in which they live.

At Hyundai, we recognize that diversity is not a program, but an ongoing process.


Employee Rights

Hyundai is committed to the letter and the spirit of the National Labor Relations Act, which since 1935 has identified the rights of employees and employers alike, and which specifically protects the right of employees to join a labor union, and the equal right for employees not to join.

Importantly, during our eight-year manufacturing history in the U.S., our team members have never shown an interest in union representation. Hyundai is a signatory to the UN Global Compact, and is guided by its principles for human rights and labor standards, including protecting internationally proclaimed human rights, upholding freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, and eliminating discrimination in the workplace.

Employee Voice and Satisfaction

Hyundai provides our team members with a wide variety of open communication channels through which they can express, and bring to the attention of management, issues of concern regarding wages and benefits or working conditions.

Any and all team member complaints about alleged illegal harassment or discriminatory treatment are properly – and promptly – investigated and resolved.