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Coverage: HMMA and Suppliers Generate Total Impact of $3.8 Billion to Alabama’s Economy:

ANCHOR: New at noon, city leaders are calling HYUNDAI a game changer for central Alabama, and the entire state for that matter. This morning, economists announced the findings of a study into company’s economic impact. WSFA 12 news reporter Melissa Johnson joins us live in our newsroom with details of this study, Melissa, how big of an impact are we talking about?

MELISSA JOHNSON: Well, HYUNDAI motor manufacturing Alabama, or HMMA, and it’s suppliers generated a total impact of 3.8 billion dollars to Alabama’s economy, last year alone. For you business minds out there, that is 2 percent of the states real gross domestic product. The study was done by Dr. Keivan Deravi, assistant to the chancellor and professor of economics for AUM.
He released these results this morning at the chamber breakfast with elected officials. He says, while most manufacturing sectors in the US were decreasing last year, HYUNDAI was increasing and HYUNDAI leaders say, they’re proud to have been an economic engine for growth in the state.

RICK NEAL: “The economic impact is not just limited to HMMA in Montgomery. We have a number of suppliers located throughout the state who are bringing jobs and economic growth to places that didn’t have jobs and economic growth in the past and I think that based on the overall impact on the state it just shows how viable and important HYUNDAI is to the state and local economies.

MELISSA JOHNSON: In 2010, the company put 34-thousand people to work statewide. That’s about 2 -hundred at HMMA, here in Montgomery, the rest are employed at their tier one and tier two suppliers throughout the state. Tanya.

ANCHOR: Alright Melissa, thanks so much. Melissa Johnson reporting live in our newsroom this afternoon. HYUNDAI celebrated its grand opening in Montgomery back in 2005. They produce around 300,000 vehicles every year. Right now they produce the 2012 Elantra and Sonatas.

ANCHOR: A study released today shows HYUNDAI generates a 3.8 billion dollar economic impact in the state, Auburn Montgomery economics professor Keivan Deravi did the study and presented the findings at the chamber breakfast this morning. HMMA and its suppliers are responsible for 34 thousand jobs statewide, and two percent of the state’s gross domestic product.

RICK NEAL: The economic impact is not just limited to HMMA and Montgomery we have a number of suppliers located throughout the state who are bringing jobs and economic growth to places that didn’t have jobs and economic growth in the past.

ANCHOR: In 2010, the company put 34,000 people to work statewide, they produce about 300,000 vehicles a year and right now the 2012 Elantra and Sonata.

ANCHOR: HYUNDAI officials say their Montgomery plant is not just helping the Montgomery economy but the state’s economy as well. HYUNDAI presented the results of a paid study to Montgomery city, county and state elected officials. It found that HYUNDAI brought in almost 3.8 billion dollars to the state’s Alabama’s economy last year. That figure comes from estimated tax revenue, employment and other economic factors. The Montgomery plant is currently producing the Elantra and Sonata sedans.