Nathan, Proud Hyundai Employee

“Well I thank the Lord first for allowing me to have good mind, good health and spirit! And with this job “He” allowed me to have, I try to do good with! The pay is great compared to what I use to make at past jobs, and the insurance is great too! I can support myself and do some things that I couldn’t do at past jobs! And being able to help some people financially is a great feeling when at one time I couldn’t and wished I could! I’ve learned a lot just from my few years of working at HMMA, like being flexible at all times, dealing with unexpected issues or changes due to job performance. Becoming a Floater or Line Assistant supporting my Team members, Team Leader, Group Leader, Assistant Managers as well as other Dept. Personnel! Then moving up to a Team Leader myself, still executing my role as a Team Player, hoping that what good quality traits I have may one day rub off or inspire someone to be the best that they can b and want to make a difference!”