Hyundai Safety FeaturesHyundai is continually advancing technology to protect the driver and passengers on all roads and under all circumstances. The Hyundai Motors R&D Center is a world leader in developing tests and cutting-edge technology. Some of our recent safety-related technologies include our anti-lock braking system, which shortens braking distance and secures control of the vehicle while driving on slippery roads. The Hyundai designed electronic brake-force distribution automatically optimizes the distribution of braking power between the front and rear wheels in relation to changes in vehicle weight. In addition, Hyundai’s brake override system automatically returns the engine to idle and gives the brakes priority if a driver steps on both the accelerator and brake pedals simultaneously, or if the brake pedal is applied while the accelerator pedal is already depressed. Our traction control system prevents the wheels from slipping when moving from a stationary position or maximizes the vehicle’s accelerating and climbing abilities, while our brake assist system instantly increases braking power in an emergency situation to shorten the braking distance. Hyundai’s vehicle dynamic control actively controls the engine torque and brakes during sudden turns and stops to secure stability of the vehicle.

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