Our Powertrain R&D Center develops the heart of all Hyundai vehicles, from compact cars to luxury sedans and commercial vehicles. The Center researches and develops engines, transmissions and eco-friendly exhaust systems. Currently, we are accelerating the development of powertrains for hybrid vehicles, while working on improved motor efficiency and low-friction technology, along with reduced weight methods to improve fuel efficiency and minimize air pollution due to automotive gas emissions. Additionally, we are developing a highly efficient emissions gas cleaning system that reduces harmful gases emitted from our low pollution engine. With our full line-up of proprietary technologies, we are creating industry-leading powertrains recognized the world over.

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Hyundai Powertrains

In its quest to become a global leader in the transmissions market, Hyundai Motor Company has poured exhaustive efforts into the development of high-performance eco-friendly transmissions that reflect the needs of diverse customers based on its independent technical know-how accumulated over the years.