Automotive Electronics

Hyundai BlueLink : Technology that actually simplifies your life.Hyundai recently introduced Blue Link, a comprehensive information solution that uses mobile and satellite (GPS) communication technologies to provide diverse information and services needed to operate vehicles safely and comfortably. By connecting to Blue Link through any or all of the methods available – smartphone, in-car or web applications – the technology enables and empowers our customers. For example, a Blue Link-enabled vehicle is so technologically advanced, it not only knows exactly where our customers are, but where they are going, and every shortcut and point of interest in the area. On the way, Blue Link identifies gas stations and what they are charging. It locates restaurants and what people think of the food. Should any mechanical issue arise, Blue Link not only self-diagnoses the problem, but can even make the appointment to correct it. And in the unfortunate event of an accident, Blue Link instantly knows who to call for help.

Blue Link also offers an array of features for the parents of teen drivers. Geo Fence enables customers to input pre-determined boundaries in which the vehicle may and may not be operated, while Speed Alert allows them to pre-program acceptable speed limits. Customers are then automatically notified via their choice of email, text message or phone call when a vehicle strays out of the acceptable zone or when speed limits are exceeded. Blue Link even has a Curfew Alert so parents can set a pre-determined time interval for acceptable and unacceptable vehicle use.