Customer/ Employee Stories

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Caletha, Proud Hyundai Employee

Proud Hyundai Employee

“On November 15, 2004, I became part of the best manufacturing automotive plant in the world. I’m proud to say that I’m a part of one of the most successful automotive plants in the world. Hyundai has become like family to me. Hyundai has provided me with a means to provide for my 13 year old daughter. Being a single parent, this opportunity at Hyundai has not only provided me with a great salary and benefits, but they have provided me with a job I love and respect. I have formed close relationships with all of my co-workers and we are like family. There aren’t a lot of companies that can blend such a culturally diverse group of people together, and make it work. Hyundai has meant so much for the state of Alabama, and I’m just proud to be on board!”

Tina, Proud Hyundai Employee

Proud Hyundai Employee“I have been given a rare opportunity to be a part of something big and I am so grateful. There’s an old saying that “opportunity only knocks once.” I believe opportunity knocks each and every day in our life in many different forms. Because of a layoff at a previous job, I was forced to seek other employment. The experience that I had as a CNC milling machine operator and Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama needed for one made it a perfect fit. Call it luck, call it fate, or call it being in the right place at the right time. I call it opportunity. This November will mark my first year anniversary as a team member on the crankshaft line in the Theta Engine shop. Everyday I’m given a chance to work at my greatest potential along with fellow team members I consider to be my extended family. Together, with management, we produce world class quality cars. The Hyundai Sonata and the Hyundai Elantra… Every cloud in reality may not have a silver lining but mine sure did, and for that I’m truly grateful.”

Sharon, Proud Hyundai Owner and Employee

Proud Hyundai Owner and Employee“I have been a Hyundai employee since 2005 and I became the proud owner of a Hyundai Sonata in 2007. I love my job and the people I work with. Not only are they passionate about building great dependable automobiles, but they are just as passionate about their employees and their families. I could not have chosen a better company to work for, nor could I have picked a better car to drive. I am proud to say I am a part of the Hyundai family and I’m also a satisfied customer. I help build them, so I know how much love and commitment goes into them! I LOVE MY CAR AND I LOVE MY JOB!”

Kevin, Proud Hyundai Employee

Proud Hyundai Employee“I am thankful for the opportunity to work for such a great and successful company. HMMA has given me opportunities that have increased the quality of life for me and my family. HMMA brought thousands of jobs right here to America that have provided stability and security for many. It is hard to find a company that donates time, work and money to communities and families like this one does. I believe Hyundai’s success comes from their commitment to building high quality automobiles and meeting customer expectations. If you know Hyundai, then you know how they have built a strong reputation through their dedication to their consumers and employees.”

Angelia, Proud Hyundai Employee

“Working at HMMA has been a wonderful experience. It has helped me to enhance working relations and job quality. I’ve had the opportunity to grow as a person with many life-long experiences.”

Joyce, Proud Hyundai Employee

I was blessed to start working for HMMA on June 20, 2005.  I’ve seen Hyundai through HMMA, and I was honored to see it during my travel to Korea. I love my job.  I have perfect attendance for the time I have been here. I am the owner of a 2006 Tiburon and a 2012 Sonata. I have no complaints about anything. My time working here is a very long, long time. No limits here.

Javier, Proud Hyundai Employee and Owner

I graduated in 1885 from a technical college.  A few years later, I moved to the US, but I never worked in that area and I felt a little frustrated about that, until I started working for Hyundai.  Now I am proud of what I am doing and work for a big company with a big future.  Thank you, Hyundai.

Marsimekkoe, Proud Hyundai Owner and Employee

“Started working here at HMMA 7yrs. ago in the engine shop. I kind of hesitate about buying a Hyundai vehicle at first but the loyalty and dedication that I see each team member put into each vehicle everyday changed my mind drastically. I can say I am proud owner of a 2011 Sonata and proud team member to be blessed enough to work here at HMMA.”

Troy, Proud Hyundai Employee

“I really feel blessed to be a Hyundai employee. I have worked for 5 years now. We have a great benefits package and this job provides a good living for my family. I hope to be employed here many more years.”

Raynard, Proud Hyundai Employee

“I have been a Proud Hyundai Employee since July of 2005, and six years later I am still a Proud Hyundai Employee. This job has truly been a blessing to me and my family. I would also like to say, thank you so very much to H.M.M.A. for seeing something in me during the screening process and giving me this great chance. Thanks again.”

John L., Proud Hyundai Owner and Employee

“I began work at HMMA on January 4, 2005. Since that time, my wife and I have had 3 beautiful children and built a house for our family with the help of having a financially stable job. It has also afforded us the opportunity for my wife to stay home and raise our children. I am also a very proud owner of a Hyundai Sonata which is now paid for.”

Shane P., Proud Hyundai Employee

“Hello. I got hired at Hyundai on June 6, 2005. Over the last 6 years my life has changed so much. Before Hyundai I was just getting by living from paycheck to paycheck. I didn’t really know what I was going to do with my life. One day one of my co-workers told me that he heard that Hyundai was taking applications, so we decided to fill one out and it was the best decision that I have ever made. Now 6 years later I have my own house and I’m fixing to get married and start my family. I’m very fortunate to be working at Hyundai. Hyundai is more than just a job and paycheck to me I get up and love going to work. Go Hyundai!!!!!”

Jermaine, Proud Hyundai Employee

“I have been a Hyundai employee for six years. This is the best company I have ever worked for. Hyundai has given me a great opportunity to provide for my family. I am also excited about all the great things that Hyundai does not only for their employees, but for the positive things it does for my community. I am thankful to Hyundai for helping me live my American Dream!”

Wesley, Proud Hyundai Employee

“Hyundai opened up the world to me by providing me with the opportunity to travel to Korea and learn about the foundation of the company for which I work. Hyundai has provided me with a salary that is uncommon in this area and a great benefits package to match. It’s great working for such a forward thinking, innovative, and successful company that provides me with a career that I love. The most impressive part about working for a company as large as Hyundai is that I see where my individual job contributes to the finished product and that makes me proud.”

Shane J., Proud Hyundai Owner and Employee

“I have been an employee at Hyundai for seven (7) years now. I’m the proud owner of two (2) Hyundai Brand Vehicles. I love the facial expressions I get when I pull up in a parking lot, or at a light. I’m very proud of these vehicles, so when I’m approached by someone off the street, I gladly let them look the vehicle over, and answer any questions they may have. Hyundai has made my dreams come true. I love the positive thinking of all the fellow workers, and the time and quality we put in each vehicle. GO TEAM HYUNDAI!

Chris, Proud Hyundai Owner and Employee

“I started my career at HMMA on January 4, 2005. At the time I didn’t realize how much it would impact my life. Being a Team Member has allowed me to travel to Korea and experience the Korean culture as well as learning to build the Santa Fe. Without being employed at HMMA, I wouldn’t have been able to experience that. I look forward to each and every year for the new adventures at HMMA and I am very proud to be a part of this wonderful team.”

Nathan, Proud Hyundai Employee

“Well I thank the Lord first for allowing me to have good mind, good health and spirit! And with this job “He” allowed me to have, I try to do good with! The pay is great compared to what I use to make at past jobs, and the insurance is great too! I can support myself and do some things that I couldn’t do at past jobs! And being able to help some people financially is a great feeling when at one time I couldn’t and wished I could! I’ve learned a lot just from my few years of working at HMMA, like being flexible at all times, dealing with unexpected issues or changes due to job performance. Becoming a Floater or Line Assistant supporting my Team members, Team Leader, Group Leader, Assistant Managers as well as other Dept. Personnel! Then moving up to a Team Leader myself, still executing my role as a Team Player, hoping that what good quality traits I have may one day rub off or inspire someone to be the best that they can b and want to make a difference!”

John, Proud Hyundai Employee

Proud Hyundai Employee

“One of the biggest parts of the American Dream is to have a “Hope and a Future” on October 18th of this year I will celebrate seven years of employment with our company. I am currently in the plant engineering department in the Theta Engine Shop located right here in my own “back yard” of Montgomery, Alabama. Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama along with its many suppliers located all across our great state has provided so much hope to so many people across our state. The investments made in our state by Hyundai have reaped many rewards by improving the quality of life of everyone involved. I have such a sense of pride when it comes to the products we are producing: the Hyundai Sonata and the Hyundai Elantra. The numerous awards these products have achieved and will continue to achieve are astounding. And add to this the “WOW” factor of the sheer design beauty of our products in the consumer’s eyes. To think I have a part in that simply overwhelms me. Every team member here knows how important it is to build the very best possible product that is safe, reliable, and dependable. We also know in doing this our future will be secure and bright. Hyundai has provided the necessary tools to achieve the highest levels of quality by putting in place management that care about the team members and the equipment that comes from all over the world that has the cutting edge technology to produce world class award winning vehicles.”

Stanley, Proud Hyundai Employee

“Being an HMMA team member has given me the opportunity to give back to the community. I am now able to help the less fortunate, whereas before I always wanted to help, but did not have the means.

It makes me proud to be with such a great organization as HMMA. Hyundai is starting to be a real player in the automotive industry. We are a main reason for that. It is great to look back at our short history here and to reflect on the many awards that we have achieved. Drive down the road today and look at how many Hyundai’s you see. I always look at the vehicle and think that I had a hand in building that vehicle.

My family has purchased Hyundai’s since I have been employed here. They are all very happy with their purchase and will purchase another one.

We are all lucky to have been chosen to work here. I am thankful for the opportunity. I look forward to many more years here.”

Solomon, Proud Hyundai Owner and Employee

“I have been in the workforce for 22 years, but the last seven years at Hyundai has been the most diverse atmosphere I have witnessed. It’s beautiful to see all the different nationalities working together in harmony. It restores my faith in the power of the people and gives me hope that world peace is possible one day.

I’m very proud to drive a Hyundai vehicle and work for a company like Hyundai which exemplifies the vision of keeping Dr. King’s dream alive. The lesson I’ve learned at Hyundai has able me to do my small part and tell my community about the experience I’ve had working with the different culture backgrounds with the fact that we all strive to be number one and would like to end the day with a SMILE on our face.”

Marcus, Proud Hyundai Employee

“I started with Hyundai in 2007 as a temporary employee. I must say that as a ’temp-to-hire,’ I was treated just as well as a company employee. I am proud to say that I have been a Hyundai employee for 3 years, as of September this year. I love this company and everything else about it. In saying all of this, I was able to, without much salesmanship needed, convince my father to purchase one of our very own, state of the art, 2010 Sonatas, as of last year, brand new. All I can say is that he absolutely loves this vehicle; he’s getting ready to trade in this one for an ’upgraded’ version (TURBO). Thanks for all you do Hyundai and much success in the future.”

Christopher, Proud Hyundai Employee

Proud Hyundai Employee

“My occupational transition to Hyundai has helped to bring several of my dreams to fruition. I grew up in a poor housing project in downtown Montgomery, AL. I always wanted more than my environment offered. I earned several college degrees in pursuit of the American dream, but the job offers were scarce. I desired to work for a Fortune 500 Company. I desired to know what it felt like to live in a house, and provide my kids with a better quality of life than I endured. However, I am thankful for my upbringing because it has helped me to become a very humble person.

When Hyundai called me about a job opportunity, I had already resigned from my last job and I was preparing to move to Tampa to take a position with American Express. My heart was set on going to Tampa, but I told my wife I would enquire more about the Hyundai position before making a final decision. My decision to come to Hyundai came by way of unambiguous divine intervention. I made a great choice to become a part of the team at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama, and it has been a great journey thus far.

I work for one of the largest most successful automobile manufacturers in the world. I have been fortunate to purchase a new home in a new subdivision in a neighboring county. My kids are blessed to reap the rewards of their dad being a part of a great company; that’s also perceived as being a “great family company” in their eyes. Hyundai has helped to pave the way for my success, and I’m thankful that Hyundai is The All American Success Story.”